Hello and welcome to my web pages!  My name is Tracy Meier (for those of you who know me as Tracy Lee, I was remarried in 2013, hence the name change), and I am the artist behind ThimbleBeary Originals.  I have been hooked on bears since the day I made my first.......sometime in 2004.  My first bears were gifts for my family.....and now I have the pleasure of sharing my passion with you!  I hope you enjoy the pages within this site........there are many bears (and a few friends) of various sizes to see in the gallery section.  Please feel free to browse!

Quality construction in my bears is as important to me as a 'take me home' appearance. Only the highest quality materials are used.  Additionally, I am a bit of a perfectionist........perhaps this is one of the reasons my bears take so long to finish? I love adding detail to them, and sometimes this is a very time consuming process.  Just the shading alone can take up to a few hours with the oil paints, depending on the size of the bear.  Also, if the face is very detailed, I then feel the need to put detail in the paws as well.......this makes for a well-rounded bear, which is what ultimately pleases me as the artist. 

My bears are created in my studio, located in our quiet country home......or as quiet as can be expected with two active boys!  I live with my family on a small acreage in rural Iowa.  Country living is wonderful!!  My days are filled with caring for my family, pets, and home  and my bear making.  These are the things that make me happiest.  I am very fortunate to be able to work at home so that I'm always here for
my family.  And I'm working at something that I absolutely love.  I am thankful each and every day for these blessings from our Lord!  And all of you wonderful collectors have done so much to make this possible for me......thank you all  for your support and patronage!

Teddy hugs,


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