Custom Orders

Custom orders will be limited to the designs I have already created.  These designs can be viewed in the gallery sections of this site.  Of course, there is always a choice of color for eyes and fur.  Also, due to the large amount of scissor- and needle-sculpting, and the sculpting in clay sometimes used, each of my bears is a unique individual and a OOAK.  A bear may be ordered based on one previously made, but the particular bear will not be identical.
For custom work, 1/3 of the total price is due at the start of agreement.  The balance is then due when the work is finished.  Prices will vary according to design (sample prices are listed below); shipping/insurance is generally $15-$25 within the United States via Priority Mail. If the order is a very large bear, shipping can go up to around $65.  International Priority Mail with insurance is $45-$60 USD, depending on size of package, and will be added to International custom orders.  Contact me for quotes with other shipping services please.

If you are interested in placing a custom order, or have any questions,  please contact me at  .  I would be happy to work with you! 

Thanks so much!
Tracy Meier

Sample Prices:
21 inch design of Ben: with wings $1050, without wings $895

18 inch "Pajama Bear" (Frasier design): $525

17 inch design of Ben: with wings $850, without wings $650

16 inch design of Digby, Finegan, Fritzi: $625

16 1/2 inch design of Henri, Lara, Bubba: $685 without double neck, $725 with double neck

16 inch Grady, Bentley: $625

15 inch design of Conrad panda: $395

Large bunny design (Harvey, Reggie): $595

10 inch design of Webster: $395

9 1/2 inch design of Divinity, Willie, Sheldon: $420

9 1/2 inch design of Mandi, Henri, Lara: $425 without double neck, $460 with double neck

9 inch long-necked bear (Arwyn and Rajesh): $350

8 inch design of Frost, Mr. Jingles, Lemon Fizz: $375

6 inch bunny: Benny or Jazz design: $375

5 inch design of Quinn, Henri, Mandi, Lara: $350, no double neck for this size

5 1/2 inch design of Elliot, Bella, Elwood: $350

5 1/2 inch long-necked bear design (Ringo): $295

5 inch design of Crispin, Tara, Oliver: $350

5 1/2 inch design of Daley (fairy bear with flower prop): $425, without flower prop: $350

 4 1/2 inch 'Bear in a Thimble': $175

3 1/4 inch miniature bear, basic standing or sitting design or with sculpted epoxy clay face      and feet (Levi, Iris) : $225